FLX 33 Weekly Studio Schedule

Ride 33

This ride is designed with you in mind... 33 minutes of high energy interval training that will increase your metabolism to burn calories. You will reduce stress and build a healthy heart with a strong mind and elevated spiritual presence. (33 Minutes)

Cycle & Strength

This class combines strength training and cycling to condition your body from the inside out. We incorporate 4-10 minute intervals, alternating strength with cycling conditioning. This is a full body workout using HIIT principals to increase your metabolism and provide extended fat burning. (43 Minutes)

A Higher Gear

A truly powerful fusion of mind, body, and spirit- mixed with divine intention. Each bike is prayed over and blessed prior to class time, believing God gives each new rider insight, strength, and clarity to navigate life's challenges. This class is done using music videos to elevate the experience to a higher level (33 Minutes)


Hand adjustables dumbbells, fused with traditional calisthenic Intervals and that HITT "X" factor that guarantees great results. Each traininig varies with equipment used, which makes it an EXCELLENT cross tarininig option... One that continues to deliver results ! (30 Minutes)

Studio Location

Port St Lucie, FL 1349 SW S Macedo Blvd. Port St. Lucie, FL 34983 772-877-359